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Overflow Bottle - for oil / coolant—ZR-EN-0013

· 1Liter [33oz] Al bottle & top, Carbon Fiber holder

· 1/8 NPT for AN fitting and 1/8” vent line stub

· Lightweight—only 210g [.46 lbm]

·  Red, blue, or silver —$119 each


Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel—full carbon fiber

· Standard version—ZR-ST-0004—185 grams [.41lbm]

· Aluminum load inserts included—$349.00

· Electronic version–ZR-ST-0005-195 grams [.43lbm]

· Bonded or un-bonded for electronics installation

· Aluminum load inserts included—$399.00

· Load inserts installed with the purchase of our

      Quick Release ZR-ST-0006

· Open Top special order for $80.00 extra

Quick Release—ZR-ST-0006

· Master spline for alignment, 3 hole flange pattern

· Aluminum hard anodized and steel construction

· 2” bolt circle, .650” shaft OD, 238 grams—$150.00


Pneumatic Shifter components

 Super fast shift times of less than 60 ms.

· Actuator Assembly— two solenoids, 2” stroke pneumatic cylinder, no AN

·    Without harness—CH-0003—$224.00

·    With harness—CH0006—$239.00

·       2 connector, 8 ft, 18 gage wire


· Regulator Assembly– 0-300 psi

·    Includes clamp and gage-CH0004— $165.00

· Air Tanks—3.5 oz—CH-0002— $22.75

· Individual components available, please call


Torsen Differential Splined Shafts

· There will be no more when this are sold out!!!

· Large—3.75” diameter , 15” long—SR-DT-0003-$214.50

·   annealed 4340; for making entire stub axle and CV mounting flange or stub axle and tripod housing from one piece.

· Please note that our bars are not heat-treated, but we highly suggest that you bring the material to an Rc34 minimum.


Porsche Kickboards (Floorboards) 911/912/930 1974-1989

  Replacement Carbon Fiber drivers side & passenger side kickboards are very strong and lightweight.

Drivers side—$312

Passenger side—$276


Porsche Kickboard Hold Down Brackets

  Billet aluminum - $25 each, Carbon Fiber - $45 each


FSAE Design Templates - Carbon Fiber, lightweight and strong


Footbay - $276                                     Cockpit -  $467








Steering Wheel Quick ReleaseActuator AssemblySplined Shaft for Torsen Differential - Large